About Us

Welcome! We're thrilled you're here!         

        We are a vegan, sex-positive company dedicated to redefining the future of vegan sex products available to modern-day women. Once we realized it was impossible to find lingerie sans silk, vegan leather products, or casein-free condoms, we knew we needed to be the ones to spearhead the insurgence of an eco-friendly and female-focused sexual environment. Animal-derivative sex products could not be the best we had to offer 21st century women, right? We think not! So we did the research to make sure all our products are always 100% vegan.   

        Additionally, we were tired of going to stores and websites selling anything from cosmetics to shoes and only seeing one brand of beautiful. We strive to be a "come as you are" platform- pun intended. At Love Sex Vegan, we believe holistic wellness begins with a sense of curiosity, compassion for others, and self-love. Community is at the core of who we are. With every purchase, we are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Thank you for your interest in Love Sex Vegan. We promise doing good never felt so great!

Look Good. Feel Good. Be Bad.